Our Support

Academic support and advising are intentional and comprehensive throughout your four years. W&J College is committed to the academic success of every admitted student, from start to finish. 从设计你的日程安排, 掌握一门特定的学科, 从W毕业后开始你的人生之旅&学院,det365app支持你.

Career Support

The 专业进修中心 assists you with career development through career counseling, workshops, and more. As an undergraduate, you'll have faculty support securing internships and hands-on opportunities to prepare for your career.



如果你是有残疾记录的学生, 学业成功主任将根据具体情况与您合作,确定并促进创建无障碍学习环境所需的任何住宿.

如果你是国际学生, 国际学生活动办公室将提供学术, cultural, and social support for your unique experience studying abroad in the United States.

For all students, 有时候你最好的学术支持来自于你的同龄人, 那些在你前面走过同样道路并取得成功的人. 同伴辅助学习(PAL)项目在写作和特定学科领域提供基于同伴的帮助.

The Writing Center 是否致力于支持det365app为一名作家,并使他们能够主张和有效地利用他们的个人声音. At the Writing Center, 学生作家学会批判性地思考, communicate clearly, 并成功地转移他们的写作技巧.

PrezPathways 为每个学生提供协调和个性化的指导, 为学生的顾问网络提供一种方法来识别那些正在挣扎并可能需要额外支持的学生.

Academic Advisors

你的学术顾问会指导你完成四年的学业, 帮助你计划每学期的时间表,按时毕业,为你的道路找到最好的机会.

Health & Wellness

你的健康和健康对det365app很重要,因为它影响你的学习能力和发挥你的潜力. det365app的健康和咨询中心提供短期, 以解决方案为中心的关怀您的身心健康和健康教育,以提高您的整体福祉和安全.

Founded Here

Presidents possess the grit and resilience to adapt to new challenges, wherever they may arise.

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