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W&J Magazine

W&J Magazine, an award-winning publication produced twice a year by the Office of Communications, highlights alumni and campus news about and of interest to more than 15,000名校友及书院朋友.

Our Mission

With every issue, W&《det365手机版官网》杂志通过分享校友们的杰出成就和引人入胜的故事,努力加强学院与校友之间的宝贵联系&J alumni, 对校园产生影响的教师和学生, in the community, and out in the world.

Winter 2021 Features


为了纪念沃尔特·库珀50岁的博士重新命名了博霍尔.D. W&J’s Beau Hall, a student residence hall previously named for the street on which it is located, and one of … Read more


沃尔特·库珀50岁时把科学结合在一起, education, 以及行动主义如何才能抓住这位领袖对科学的终身影响的精髓呢, education, civil rights, … Read more

The New Jaymen

还记得1970年吗&J opened its campus to women – and the legacy it created This time of year, 白雪覆盖了校园的草坪, 创造一个明亮的… Read more


W&J的新发展副总裁Carolyn Campbell-Golden依靠高等教育慈善事业的力量, Ph.D.我知道华盛顿 & 杰斐逊学院非常适合她和她的家庭。 Read more


Old Main

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